Amazing mixtures of appetizing names that stimulate imagination.

Charming tea shops, full of astonishing mixes. Land, home, kingdom of tea.

Forest’s Ghost
At the Fire Place
Russian Caravan
Small Buddha
Falling Star
African Queen
Silent Night
Silver Strawberry
Orient Express
Hidden Sanctuary
Winter Evening
Love Garden

Smooth, shiny, cool, softly ringing … Chinese healing spheres. Stimulate accupuncture points on hands, equalize  energy flow of the body. Do they really heal? I do not know that, but they help writing haiku for sure. Just by staring at them and listening to their engrossing chimes – many haiku were created.


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temptation to see
distant candelabrum trees
at home the wife’s fan


the wanderer's peace
crossroads illuminated
by the tomcat’s eye


very old mother
among forget-me-nots runs
a rocky pathway


quiet May evening
sandal buckle muddles up
crickets’ tune in grass


at daybreak returns
the salvaged shape of the sun
the ice-cold ocean


bees’ busy bustling
under hot shimmering sky
bells calling for mass


on dry stick leaning
aboard river barge sailing
ready to set off


morn in rose garden
the wind quietly whistling
for the swallowtail


silent Christmas Eve
horse at the hackney cab rank
snorts with the star dust


moment of silence
with star cart across the sky
long-lasting journey


chill off the river
waiting for his Marzanna
a lone fisherman


the aubergine-fruit
colour of wine and the dress
vernissage at night


autumn walk in park
talismans for the winter
leaf, stone and feather


August in garden
late summer evening warmed up
with a homemade wine


frozen in his tracks
fisherman by waterfall
an early morning


harsh rocky landscape
softened for a little while
butterfly and bindweed


thousand and one names
stubborn life keeps calling us
by Adam and Eve


crimson roses flush
to the daisies walkes briskly
charming prince gardener


to the dreams bow deep
thousands of stars overhead
the innocent pea


moment of parting
tiny violets wear black rims
dew drops on a leaf


the flames of autumn
conker horse jumps eagerly
into the fire


resin drops cluster
on an old bench in orchard
a mug of honey


a country wedding
the last of still dancing guests
put out the lanterns


mother’s wooden trunk
the white of cloth in the sun
late in winter blinds


eye-blinding blizzard
only for horses and calfs
Christmas carolling


Aleksandra Buchaniec-Bartczak

translated by Aneta Dąbrowska

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